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As a full-service agency, Remedy Bloom helps clients standardize and streamline their processes through database infrastructure, interdepartmental collaboration, and sales and marketing automation.

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  • Excellent Problem-Solvers. Connect to explore your goals and growth objectives.
  • Solution Strategists. Receive personalized solutions that fit your unique business challenges, needs, and points of friction. 

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Enablement & Sales Automation


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Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation


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Knowledge Base & Support Automation


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  •  Start-Up or Small Business
  •  Begin Light Automation
  •  Limited Needs


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  •  Expand Automation Across Verticals
  •  Sustainably Ramp Up
  •  Includes Monthly Strategy & Update Calls
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  •  Maximize Automation Across Business Verticals
  •  Aggressive Growth Goals
  •  Includes Bi-Monthly Strategy and Update calls
  •  Solve complex or sophisticated business needs
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Our team_

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Chrissy Laughlin


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Kristi Palmer


The co-founders of Remedy Bloom have worked together in a variety of roles since 2007. This team has a proven track record, is well-rounded, resourceful, and decisive. 
Having worked on lean, versatile, results-driven teams that were focused on rapid growth, allowed Chrissy and Kristi to showcase their ability to quickly pivot, adapt, and most importantly, execute to meet the changing demands of the marketplace - which has been a key to their success. 

Their unique approach leverages sophisticated inbound methods, combined automation expertise, proven formulas for success, to help your company scale and grow at a remarkable rate.

Let's make something great together.

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