Good Fit Customers:
  •  Have rapid growth goals and willing to invest
  •  Need highly skilled sales & marketing but can't justify full-time staff
  •  Looking to centralize and improve communication between departments
  •  Have a solid core team, but need an extra set of hands to help execute at a higher level
  •  Ready to maximize efficiency across all business verticals
  •  Looking to ramp up for a specific project or goal


At Remedy Bloom, we dive deep into your growth objectives and evaluate your current workflow and infrastructure. With your unique challenges and goals in mind, we'll customize a proposal specifically for you.


Our comprehensive package may include the following services, but we'll also recommend project-based solutions tailored to your specific needs.


The BLOOM Package requires a 12-month commitment and minimum HubSpot subscription requirements.

Bloom package Pricing

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

- Aubrey Hepburn


  • Review:
  • - SMART Goals, plans, challenges, timing
  • - Roles, responsibilities, and expectations (decision-maker, accountable, responsible, consulted, informed)
  • - Review SLA, resources, timelines, and action items

- Project Planning & Management

- Competitive analysis
- Website and content analysis
- Planning and strategy

- Moderate & host stakeholder workshop
- Construct buyer personas and lifecycle stages, provide completed profiles

- Moderate & host stakeholder workshop
- Construct Buyer Profiles and lifecycle

- Create, publish and. manage email campaigns that drive quality traffic and leads.

Remedy Bloom will create the process by which an anonymous website visitor becomes a  known lead. A conversion path is comprised of a remarkable content offer, call-to-action,  landing page, and thank you page.

- Workflow creation & execution

- Workflow refinement

- Automate Your Follow-Up Emails with Sequences

- Create middle and bottom of the funnel offers to help advance prospects through the consideration and decision stages of the buyer's journey.

- Creating a top of the funnel offer including research, design, and content wrtiting.

**LIMITED based on subscription plan

Remedy Bloom will set up workflows and automation, which relies on triggering  relevant and timely actions based on context (example: sending a series of emails after a form submission)

Remedy Bloom will create email templates that your team can use for various reasons. This will allow you to spend less time re-creating the same email over and over, saving them time.

- Automate your follow-up emails with sequences.

- Build a library of helpful sales content for your team.

- Share documents right from your Gmail or Outlook inbox, and see which content closes deals.

Let's make something great together.

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