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Our focus is your project success. Here's how we can work together to achieve that!

We are excited to work with you, and are 100% focused on creating a strong relationship as we help you develop an inbound marketing engine that gets you results.



Copy, Revisions, and Approvals

Background Materials Supplied by You:

The copy and content we write are based primarily on background material provided by you, the client. Depending on the project, helpful materials to send us include items like product brochures, service information, back issues of newsletters, market research studies, testimonials from satisfied clients, complaint letters, examples of competitor materials, etc.


We may also conduct interviews with you, your employees, or other members of your team as required to develop premium content offers and inbound campaigns. If you need us to do extensive research outside of the materials you provide in order to create original content, there may be an additional fee to be quoted separately.


Background material you send to us in preparation for the project will not be returned to you unless specific arrangements have been made in writing prior to the project.


Reviews and Approvals:

We will send any copy to you one week in advance of publication, including information about the cut-off date and time for incorporating your feedback.


We request that you review the copy and let us know of any changes or revisions within that timeframe; if we don’t hear back from you, we will publish the content as scheduled. 

While reviewing, please be mindful of:
  1. Content accuracy
  2. Grammar and spelling
  3. Tone and voice


Edits and Revisions:

Your project fee includes one standard revision and two minor revisions unless the revision is based on a change in the assignment made after the copy is submitted (which requires a Change Order).

  • Turnaround time for minor revisions is 2-3 business days
  • Turnaround time for major revisions is 5-7 business days

If additional revisions are needed for either copy or concepts, an additional fee may apply.

Revision Definition: A revision constitutes a change or variation to an initially presented—or in-progress—design concept, and is typically a change of less than 1/4 of the design. A revision is simply meant to be a slight modification or course correction to progress toward the final design. A new design concept is not considered a revision. This means that a new design concept would be an addition to the project, and would need to be estimated separately, in addition to the current project estimate.

Change Orders:

If a change of direction requires significant additional hours, a Change Order will be issued to amend the original agreement, based on the new direction.

If changes in concept, direction, format, or content come after strategy, copywriting, and/or design has been completed, a Change Order will be issued, and updated strategy or rewriting will be charged at an additional fee.


Copy Legality:

Every effort will be made to make your copy comply with the law. However, it is your responsibility to submit all copy for legal review if needed. You are also responsible for the final proofreading of all the copy. You are absolutely indemnifying Remedy Bloom from any and all losses, claims, damages, and liabilities, which may arise from the use of the work, including but not limited to any and all instances of inclusion or omission.

As we’ve worked with clients, we’ve learned what works well to support project success. This document identifies the guidelines and policies of how we work best with clients and what we’ll need from you.



Meeting Logistics:

Monthly meetings are by Zoom once a month, we will invite you and your team to join us.

  • To ensure effective communication, collaboration, and optimal outcomes, we request the following:
    • Computer and internet access: Please try to have reliable access to a computer or laptop with a stable Internet connection to attend meetings
    • Web camera: We request that clients have their web cameras on,  this helps establish a more personal and engaging environment, promotes active participation, and fosters effective non-verbal communication.
    • Preparedness: Clients should come to meetings prepared with any relevant documents, information, or materials necessary for discussion or decision-making. This will facilitate a more efficient and productive meeting experience.
    • Meeting Start and End Times: To support our effective working relationship, our meetings are designed to start and end on time. If we’re in the middle of something at the end of our scheduled time, we’ll assess at that time whether we’ll run late, resume during the next scheduled call, or use email to reach completion.
    • If You’re Running Late for a Meeting: If you are not available to begin promptly at our scheduled meeting start time but are still able to begin before our scheduled meeting end time, we will use whatever minutes may remain; however, please understand that the meeting will still end at the designated time.
    • Meeting Reschedule Policy: Because the scheduling of a meeting involves the reservation of a time set aside specifically for you, we ask for a minimum of 48 business hour notice by email to reschedule.
    • Emergencies: If you have an emergency, such as an illness or accident, and you need to reschedule less than 48 business hours in advance, please let us know by email right away (if at all possible) and we will work with you to reschedule. An emergency is NOT a last-minute schedule change, unanticipated guests, being unexpectedly busy that day, lack of being prepared for the meeting...etc


Reaching Us Between Meetings

If you wish to connect with us in between scheduled meetings with a question, a challenge, a success, or an inquiry, please feel free to email us at any time. We will make every attempt to respond to your e-mail within 24 hours; we will also offer short touch-base phone calls if needed.

Problems, Questions, or Concerns?

We are 100% committed to your success. If you feel there is some part of our working relationship that isn’t supporting you the way you want or need it, or if you want to clarify something, it is your responsibility to say so. We appreciate, respect, and value your honesty, and we will work with you to resolve the situation.